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Project Description

Office With Suspended Acoustic Wood Ceiling

A Flexible Office

Capital Ones’ new London office is made up of two floors with an open plan solution with flexible and modern work stations for the staff. The open plan office entails a need for different acoustic solutions. In cooperation with our UK disitributor, LSA Projects, we at Gustafs have produced a bespoke suspended acoustic ceiling.

CAD details of wood acoustic ceiling panels
CAD Details of suspended ceiling
Sketch over suspended ceiling panels
Bespoke production in Gustafs' Factory
In Gustafs factory production of ceiling panels

A Bespoke Ceiling Solution

The actoustic ceiling panels that we have produced for the Capital One office was a challenge that consisted of lots of special solutions. Almost all panels in this project have a unique dimension. We have solved the LED lighting that has been integrated in several places by utilizing the flexibility in our Capax installation system, between the panels where the lighting is located.

The perforation in each acoustic panel has also been specially adapted so that the bezel between each panel edge is the same size, for a homogeneous appearance. The perforation that has been used is our standard perforation PD5.

The stylish ends along the outer edges consist of a wood veneered frame that measures about 70 mm. The edging and all panels are veneered with walnut veneer with our standard lacquer.

Architect: HLW Design

Photo: Andy Tyler