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Can I order Gustafs panel solutions in customized sizes?

Yes, up to maximum 3000 mm lengths and 1200 widths you can customize the dimensions freely.
Panels with length 2400 mm and longer have a maximum width of 600 mm.
You can save cost by using our standard formats: 600×600, 1000×600, 1200×600, 1500×600, 1800×600, 2400×600, 3000×600 mm.

Can I order Gustafs Linear solutions in customized sizes?

We have many, but fixed widths depths on our Linear Ribs. Length wise customizations are more flexible, but ribs are, depending on their dimension, produced in full lengths of 2400, 2550 or 2970 mm, and other lengths are cut from these. As an example, lengths of 1250 mm lead to up to almost 50% waste when cut from a 2400 length.

Do solid wooden trims and mouldings match the look Gustafs veneered solutions?

We will use the same wood specie, but there will be a slight deviation in structure and colour impression between solid wood and sliced veneers.

Are the colours and veneers identical to the pictures on your web site?

The pictures give a good impression of veneers and colours, but they will vary, depending on the quality and calibration of your screen. Wood is also a natural product, and each wood veneer is unique. Variation in colour, pattern and texture is a natural part of the look.

What is the difference regarding Gustafs wall or ceilings products?

There are no differences regarding the surface options or for the classifications of the acoustics and fire safety. Most solutions have some limitations regarding the maximum dimensions for ceilings use, but other wise the installation system will be different and by that the matching details on the Panels or Linears.

Where are Gustafs products produced?

Gustafs is a fully owned brand of Gustafs Scandinavia AB. Our production is located in a small village called Gustafs, in the heart of Sweden.

Do Gustafs claddings block disturbing noise coming from other rooms or outdoor?

The sound blocking characteristics of Gustafs solutions are limited, but the heavy density of our fibre gypsum-based products is more beneficial compared to lighter wood-based materials like MDF and Plywood.

What is the lifetime of Gustafs products?

Gustafs solutions with fibre gypsum cores, with more or less the same design and construction, have been produced and installed since 1986. The wood veneer on our solutions ages beautifully and the core is dead, not influenced by time. We guarantee a minimum lifetime of 50 years!

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Can I really install Gustafs products with zero spacings?

Yes, all Gustafs solution using a fibre gypsum core are non-sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. The dimensions will be stable over time and in combination with Gustafs Capax installation components we guarantee zero spacing installations. For panel on 4 sides, for Linear ribs in the in-line joints.

Can I install Gustafs products directly on the wall or in the ceiling?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that installation with Gustafs Capax system adds minimum 4 mm to the total installation depth for panels and 17 mm for Linear Ribs. Most walls and ceiling will need levelling works to get a good final and flat result.

Can I install Gustafs products outdoor?

Gustafs products are designed for indoor use, but we have done many installations in car parking houses, entryways for shops and offices, underground stations, etc. All semi outdoor climates but always protected from direct rain and sun light. Contact us before prescribing Gustafs products for such environments.

Can I use Gustafs products on doors?

Yes, no problem to use our products on doors. We can also supply the door manufacturers with veneer from our in-house veneers shop, for matching designs on walls and ceilings.

Can Gustafs product be used on curved surfaces?

Yes, but in varying ways depending on the solution.
– Panels need a slotted backside for radius down to 1000 mm. The veneer direction must be along the curved surface.

– Linear Ribs can be installed on curved surfaces without any extra post treatment.

– Lamellow and Lamellow+ panels do flex down to a radius of minimum 1000 mm.

– Lamellow Flex and Lamellow Flex+ can be curved to radius 300 mm, convex and concave.

– Modules needs to be produced curved in their final shape.

– Feltfon Linears using the Capax system BASE-WFC for curved walls can be used on surfaces with a radius of minimum 600 mm.

Can I fit lamps or speakers in Gustafs Ceiling panels?

Yes, maximum 1 hole per ceiling panel with a centre position and accessories with a weight of maximum 1 kg. Maximum panel width 600 mm.

What acoustic solution results in the smallest total installation depth?

Gustafs Nano Panels. Regarding their acoustic properties, Gustafs Nano solutions are less reliant on insulation and air voids behind the panels.

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Use & Maintenance

How do I clean the Gustafs products?

Cleaning is performed with a dry mop or vacuum cleaner. On grease, fruit, wine, and coffee stains, use synthetic detergent without ammonia. Blood stains are removed using cold water. All lacquered surfaces and Gustafs Acoustex 9 are approved for cleaning product containing up to 70% alcohol.

Can I use Gustafs products in high traffic areas, where wear and tear are above average?

Yes, you can but take the following in regard.

• Sub-constructions should support Panel and Linear products every 300 mm instead of the standard 600 mm. We recommend the use Gustafs EHIP panels.

• Deeper Linear Ribs are more sensitive to side impacts than Ribs with little depth.

• Corners are extra exposed to impact, and we recommend the use of protecting corner profiles like Gustafs Capax 3229, 3239 and 3208.

• Surfaces exposed to impact from pointy objects, like mobile hospital beds, should be protected additionally.

Can I use Gustafs products in hospital environments?

Yes, as all lacquered finishes can be cleaned with products containing up to 70% alcohol, they are very suited for use in health care rooms.

Can I use Gustafs products in sports halls?

For sports hall we recommend Gustafs EHIP panels.

Read more about EHIP Panels

Can I use Gustafs products in concert halls?

Gustafs products with fibre gypsum cores have a high specific weight and will reduce vibrations to a minimum for optimal sound reflections, making them perfectly suited for concert halls. Combining sound reflective and absorbing mechanisms in one and the same solution, provides the perfect tool for every acoustician. Gustafs robust installation system Capax, contributes to even less-resonating claddings.

We move to new premises, can I take Gustafs products with me?

Yes, you can re-use Gustafs solutions, as all are, or are available in, fully demountable versions.

Can Gustafs solution save energy?

Gustafs Panels and Linears with a gypsum core have a high thermal mass and are good in storing thermal energy. They will help to even out daily fluctuations in room temperature and save power consumption. Using lighter colours in your design will help day light to reflect further into the room and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

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Fire safety

Does the type of surface have effect on the fire classification?

Yes, often it does. Gustafs fire certifications with class A2-s1,d0 are valid regardless of what veneer type is used. High Pressure Laminates and veneers with acoustic Nano perforations reach class B-s1,d0 and not higher.

Does the surface treatment have effect on the fire classification?

It can have effect, but Gustafs fire classifications are always valid with our lacquers, pigmented lacquers, stains, oils, or paints.

Do Gustafs perforated panels comply with fire safety classifications?

Yes. The panels fire safety is not affected by the acoustic perforations as the panels core is a non-combustible material. An air void behind a perforated panel could give a chimney effect and perforated panels must be backed with a mineral wool insulation to remain the fire classification valid.

What about the spacing between linear ribs regarding fire safety?

Gustafs Linear Ribs have been tested while installed with a spacing and with an air void, alternatively with a void filled with a mineral wool. That’s why we can offer rock-solid fire classifications for all types of installations.

Why achieve Gustafs panels class A2-s1,d0 and Gustafs Linear Ribs class B-s1,d0?

Linear Ribs are wrapped with veneer and the total surface of veneer per square meter, exposed to fire, is larger compared to the veneer surface on panels.

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Which of your solutions do I need to improve the acoustics of my room?

Room acoustics are set by the shape and volume of the room and additionally by the sound absorption of the wall and ceiling claddings. Also, furniture and other obstacles will influence. We recommend consulting an acoustician for the best result.

Remain the very small Gustafs Nano holes open over time?

Yes, in our in-house Nano hole production, we punch away circular material hats with a diameter of 0,5 mm. 300.000 pieces per square meter. The material is removed and not only pushed sideways, which is the case when cheaper techniques using pointy needles are used.

Do surface treatments close the Gustafs Nano holes?

Yes, but only if the wrong coating techniques are used. Being Nano Acoustic specialist and having it all produced in-house, we have developed several methods, so you can add treatments from clear lacquers to dark pigmentated lacquers onto Nano perforated surfaces, without making the holes smaller.

How can Gustafs Nano have the same sound absorption as perforation with large holes?

Sound waves are transformed into heat energy already when penetrating the small Nano holes. Compared to large hole perforations, Gustafs Nano solutions are less reliant on the insulation and air void behind the panels.

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Why do I need insulation behind Gustafs acoustic solutions?

Gustafs Panels or Linear Ribs do not absorb sound themselves, but the round hole perforations or the spacings between Gustafs Linear Ribs allow sound waves to reach the acoustic felts and the sound absorbing insulation. Gustafs Nano, Gustafs Feltfon and Gustafs Lamellow do absorb sound as they are, and need less added insulation materials behind them to reach comparable results.

What is the difference between insulation and an air void?

Roughly, insulation does absorb sound twice as effective as an air void. To achieve approximately the same result, an air void needs to be double as deep as insulation. Apart from that the density and structure of the insulation are other parameters for sound absorbing.

Does the rib depth influence sound absorption?

Our tests have not been able to show significant and measurable differences between low and high depths of ribs. The spacing between the ribs makes the difference. Varying Rib depth can have an effect on the diffusion and reflection of sound waves.

Does the surface and surface treatment have effect on the acoustic qualities?


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