Our production is led by an ambitious energy saving program. Here are some of our latest updates:

• Every year we replace 20% of our factory lamps with energy saving LED lightning. Starting 2019, we have now, entering 2022, replaced 60% so far. We also increased the inflow of natural daylight by new larger roof windows.

• We finalized the installation of inverters on all large electric motors in our machinery and save valuable energy by optimizing the operating parameters.

• Since 2019, we have heat exchangers on all our exhaust filters.

• In our Nordic climate, improving the insulation of our premises results in large energy savings. We constantly find and improve heat leaks.

• The production is run and heated by 100% renewable energy, since 2013.

• For internal transport, all indoor and outdoor forklifts have been electrified during 2020.

The use of chemical products is limited to small amounts of NAF veneer adhesives and the water-based lacquer system.

Wood waste is sold in our Webb Shop as hobby material or used for the heating of our premises.
Gypsum waste is re-used to produce new gypsum boards.



To not ship air, we use customized packaging for our customized products. Gustafs has in-house production of cut to size carton boxes. To better fill trucks we use and innovative stacking system for palletised goods.

All Gustafs-owned trucks are running on Biodiesel with a minimum of 27% renewable content and we are closely following the electrification of trucks. All tires used are free from cancerogenic HA oils.

All drivers must follow an eco-driving training program.

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