Locally first

Living and working as we do in the forest and countryside of Gustafs, in the region of Dalarna, we are reminded daily of our responsibility for the environment, in both a local and global perspective. With sustainability in our DNA, Gustafs therefore, has an active and progressive environmental program.

A zero footprint starts nearby. Gustafs primarily recruits people living at “biking distance to work”.

• Entering 2024, 42% of our employees can walk or bike to their work.

• Entering 2024, 79% of our employees commute less than 15 km to work.

• Entering 2024, 22% of our employees are co-traveling to work.

• To promote electric driving, we have car charge points for our employees and visitors.



100% Localy produced electricity

We buy 100% locally produced electricity. When electricity is distributed in the electricity network, some of it disappears due to transmission losses. The shorter the distribution, the smaller the losses.

Protecting architectural heritage. Buying electric power from local power plants keep them in operation and maintained. Some of these are small-scale and this is the best way to avoid these very beautiful and historic buildings from decaying and disappearing completely.

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