Use and re-use phase

During their long-life cycle of more than 50 years, maintenance of the easy to clean surface of our Panels and Linears is done with gentle cleaning products or water only.

Energy saving

Gustafs Panels and Linears have a high thermal mass and are good in storing thermal energy. In that way they will help to even out daily fluctuations in room temperature. This simple use of natural cooling and heating can drastically result in substantial savings of power consumption.

We also care about your working environment and Gustafs fibre gypsum solutions are always produced “without Added urea Formaldehyde”. Our naturally low emitting solutions have extremely low emissions of VOC’s, Formaldehyde, and carcinogens.

And finally

All Gustafs Panel and Linear Systems are fully demountable installations, ready for re-use in case your plans change over time.

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