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Project Description

A Project With Multitudes of Surfaces

An advantage of our panels and the fiber gypsum board that make up the product itself is the ability to create creative surfaces in a variety of designs. Achimgaz’s new office in Novo Urengoy is a project that has used large parts of our register when it comes to the variety of panel surfaces.

For the new office, we at Gustafs, together with our Russian partner Eurostroysoyuz, have delivered wood panels and rib panels for both suspended ceilings and walls that have been installed throughout the building. The wooden slats that have been installed in the ceiling and on the walls have been made of cherry veneer. In some places, ribs with a painted, white surface are also installed.

The wood panels that have been manufactured for both walls and suspended ceilings have been manufactured with a whole arsenal of different wood veneers, laminates and painted surfaces. The panels that have been manufactured have the following surfaces: white laminate, Rosewood veneer, oak veneer, cherry veneer, maple veneer, brass laminate and painted panels in different colors.

Perhaps the most creative solution is still the panels with alcantara fabric that have been made in exactly the same way as we make with our ordinary panels with wood veneer. Learn more about the possibilities of creating creative panel surfaces in our finish options guide.

Architect: Arwest Architects