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Project Description

Interior Panel System at Emergency Center

An Ambitious Co-location

The police’s national emergency center outside Oslo is an ambitious co-location of the country’s emergency resources that aims to prevent and provide fast, efficient and safe handling in the event of extraordinary events or crises.

The huge complex amounts to a total of 35,000m² over several buildings that provide space for the country’s task force, bomb squad, crisis management, helicopter services and much more.

A Reliable Interior Panel System

For the large walls and suspended ceilings in the arrival and main building, the architects have chosen to work with Gustafs Panel System for the installation of both wood and acoustic panels.

The advantage of the combination of our Capax installation system and our wood panels with fiber gypsum board is the ability to cover large areas and at the same time achieve a high dimensional stability and homogeneous installation that lasts over time – something that is really difficult when working with wood.

The suspended ceiling in the premises has been installed with our acoustic panel, Gustafs Nano. The small holes that give the appearance of a solid wood panel create a homogeneous feeling throughout the building when combined with our plain wood panels. All wood panels have been made with oak veneer.

Architect: Nordic – Office of Architecture

Contractor: Skanska

Photo: Nordic – Office of Architecture / Knut Ramstad.