Introducing Gustafs Lamellow+

Gustafs launches Lamellow+, a beautiful combination of felt and wood, with natural fire safety properties

Close-up of Gustafs Lamellow acoustic panel

Introducing Lamellow+ from Gustafs, a beautiful combination of felt and wood for indoor public spaces. This modular solution is made of wood veneer ribs with a visible felt backing, for a pleasing aesthetic contrast. It brings together natural materials, fire safety and acoustic performance in one product.

A total of seven different veneers including American Oak, Walnut and Birch are available, all of them highlighting the natural beauty of wood. There are three different colour options for the felt: Anthracite, Dark Grey and Wool Grey. The shallow ribs come in two standard designs; Linear and Barcode, and it is also possible to create bespoke patterns. Lamellow+ can be installed directly onto walls, including curved walls, or in the ceiling.

Hotel bar desk clad in acoustic wood panels
Lamellow+ acoustic panels for office installations
Wall installation of acoustic wood panels Gustafs Lamellow in café
Bar desk with lamellow+ installation

This range has all the great acoustic performance you’d expect from Gustafs, and in terms of its green credentials, the acoustic felt contains a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled materials and the ribs are made of 94% recycled material.

Fire safety is another area Lamellow+ scores highly in, with a fire rating of B-s1,d0 (according to BS EN 13501-1). This is thanks to its material composition; the ribs contain fibre gypsum at their core, which gives Lamellow+ a natural fire protection as well as overall robustness.