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Project Description

Bespoke Perforation – Gothenburg Library

Perforated Lorem Ipsum

Have you ever wondered how the Lorem Ipsum text would look like written with the Morse Alphabet? The answer can be seen at Gothenburg Library. The artwork covering the walls from the entrance hall and stretches over several floors consists of the famous Latin text.

The artwork is produced on Gustafs acoustic panels with stained ash veneer in a dark green shade. The Morse code has been produced by milling the panels and then mounted small pieces of mirror glass in each perforation. The artwork has created an amazing visual effect in the building. Those small mirrors are reflecting the light in different direction depending on where the light comes from.

The artist behind the installation of “Lorem Ipsum” is Kent Karlsson from Gothenburg.

The Gothenburg Library underwent a comprehensive refurbishment between 2012 – 2014. Gustafs were assigned to produce various interior wall and ceiling panels to the new library. Besides the amazing artwork we’ve also produced stained ash panels and white painted wall panels mounted at different locations in the library.

Artist: Kent Karlsson

Architect: Erseus Arkitekter

Photo: Devis Bionaz