Introducing Gustafs Linear S-RIB – New Timber Cladding Panel Design

new timber cladding panel design

New Gustafs Rib Design

We never stop developing. We at Gustafs are constantly working on improving our existing product range. It´s in our nature to understand and to meet our customers’ needs, it always has and always will be, ever since 1913.

This time we have developed a new design for our popular Gypsum Core Rib with a real B-s1,d0 fire class. The new Rib design is called RIB-S. On the new S design our team has managed to reduce the radius of the real wood veneer edges down to 0,5 mm, making it a full good design alternative to sawn ribs in solid wood.

Rib S design 28x38mm
Rib S design 34x38mm
Rib S design 44x38mm

Sharpen the edges

The advantages of a gypsum core Rib are many, ranging from lower costs, always straight and non-warping products not sensitive to climate changes to real undoubtful fire classifications. The Rib S design is available in varying thicknesses from 13 mm up to 74 mm.

The concept of the Gustafs Linear System is rather to be considered as a customized standard. This means that you can adjust and mix many of the products parameters to create unique interiors and environments.

Gustafs Linear Rib
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