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What is Light Reflectance Value?

LRV is a universal value for ‘contrast’. It measures the proportion of useful light reflected by a colored object. It represents a relative light and darkness value rather than an actual color. Therefore, dissimilar colors could have the same LRV. LRV is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, 0 being perfect absorbing black and 100 being perfect reflecting white (in reality you never find these perfect objects – a bright white would typically have a result of an LRV of 85)

LRV, light reflectance values, shown below are the results of multiple testing, however, due to the natural variation in wood there will be some deviation from these test values. LRV is shown as an average of the measurements. The variation width is the difference between the highest and the lowest measurements.

Wood Species Average LRV Variation width
Maple, Gemini Pale 01 76,7 2,6
Maple, Gemini Wavy 32 75,8 4,4
Birch, Gemini 71,1 0,8
Ash, Gemini 70,8 4,9
Maple, Gemini Bird Eye 31 68,0 5,3
Maple, Gemini Sandy 04 65,8 7,6
Birch, Rotary Cut 61,3 3,0
Ash 56,3 7,7
Birch 56,2 2,4
Maple 55,4 5,0
Beech, Gemini 50,1 3,0
Pine, American 47,8 7,7
Pear, Gemini 43,6 2,4
Oak, Gemini 55,4 5,0
Beech 38,5 5,2
Oak, Knotty 35,5 5,2
Oak, American White 32,6 8,3
Elm 30,5 6,3
Pear 29,2 9,5
Cherry, Gemini 28,3 4,0
Cherry 24,2 6,3
Teak, Gemini 23,5 0,3
Walnut 21,6 4,7
Teak 20,7 8,3
Mahogany 20,5 2,7
Walnut, Gemini 20,3 4,0
Mahogany, Gemini 16,5 1,2
Oak, Wild Grey 15,6 3,9
Wenge, Gemini 8,9 0,5
Oak, Wild Smoked  4,1 1,0
Our veneers
Gustafs Feltfon Acoustex Average LRV Variation width
Wool Grey 42,0 12,6
Dark Grey 15,1 1,1
Anthracite 4,3 1,0

Carefully Selected Veneer

Wood has a natural variation in structure and colour tone which ages in harmony with nature. The fact that wood is a natural material is an intrinsic aspect of its charm and attraction. Each veneer is chosen and inspected carefully before being approved.

As wood ages its colour tone matures typically for the species.  Variations in colour tone and structure is a part of woods appeal. This too, is the case with veneer. Nature veneer is available in a wide variety of species and matures in colour tone with time and exposure to light. Most nature veneers can be purchased with FSC® certification.

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