What is Euroclass fire rating and reaction to fire?

Reaction To Fire is a classification of how much a material is contributing to the development of a fire in an early stage. The testing methods are designed to simulate the incipient and growth phases of a fire to determine the fire class of a building material. The European classification system for fire protection was approved in the year 2001 with the EN 13501 series of standards. The former national test standards for the reaction to fire of materials have been replaced by this new European classification system. This section gives you an insight into Gustaf’s products and their fire classifications from the highest, Class A fire classification.

Fire classifications for wood-based materials

Plywood, OSB and Chipboards not improved by fire retardants will have a reaction to fire classification as stated in the documents below.


Reaction to Fire – Classifications

ClassCombustibilityContribution to fire
Class A1fireNon-combustible materialsNo contribution to fire
Class A2 fireNon-combustible materialsNo noticeable contribution to fire
Class B fireCombustible materialsLittle or no contribution to fire
Class C fireCombustible materialsLimited contribution to fire
Class D fireCombustible materialsContributes to fire
Class E fireCombustible materialsMajor contribution to fire
Class F fireCombustible materialsNot within classes A1-E
S1 The material contribute little or insignificantly to the development of smoke
d0The material do not create flaming particles or droplets when subjected to fire.

Euroclass Fire Rating & Reaction to Fire for Gustafs products

The table below shows the fire class for the final product as they are installed.

ProductCore MaterialFire Class – Final Product
Gustafs PanelsFibre Gypsum CoreA2-s1,d0
Gustafs PanelsFire Retardant Improved MDF* – B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs PanelsFire Retardant Improved Plywood* – B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs Linear RibFibre Gypsum CoreB-s1,d0
Gustafs Linear RibFire Retardant Improved MDF* –  B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs Linear RibMDFD-s2,d0
Gustafs Linear PlankFibre Gypsum CoreA2-s1,d0
Gustafs Linear PlankFire Retardant Improved MDF* – B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs Linear PlankMDFD-s2,d0
Gustafs Linear ModuleFire Retardant Improved Solid Wood* – B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs Linear ModuleFire Retardant Improved Plywood* – B-s1,d0Core Class
Gustafs Linear ModulePlywoodD-s2,d0
* please note that the Reaction to Fire for these products has been improved by adding fire retardants (impregnations and lacquers). Read more about this in the link below.

Download Gustafs’ Fire Class Document

The table above presents an overview of the fire protections in our product categories. For more details regarding variations in surface materials and surface treatments, download the document below.

Download documents

Learn more about the fire classifications of our products.

Reaction to Fire | .pdf
Resistance to Fire | .pdf
Wood-based material | .pdf

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