Feltfon Installation – Ceiling

The Capax installation system for Feltfon is a user-friendly aluminium grid, offering installation reliability and a perfect visual result.

Compatible products: Feltfon – Linear, Baffles, Diabolo, Curves, Intersections, Layers, DNA and Feltfon Blox.




Linear System



Feltfon Capax installation – ceiling | fully demountable

The Capax installation system for Linear Feltfon is a user-friendly aluminium grid, offering installation reliability and a perfect visual result. No tools are needed to assemble the interlocking components. The system is fully demountable, ideal when access to the ancillary systems is required.

Profile colours

The installation profiles can be painted in colours matching the felts.



Step by step using 2400 mm long Linear Feltfon Ribs.

1. Suspend the Nonius ceiling hangers from the ceiling.

2. Use the adapter NONIUS-CD to connect the BASE-CF profile to the ceiling hangers.

3. Suspend the BASE-CF with a repeated interval of 600 mm, measured from the centrums of the profiles (cc).
4. Measured along the length of the BASE-CF, the connection to the ceiling must be made every 600 mm.

5. Level the height of the subconstruction using a laser and secure with the locking pin.

6. Secure the position of the NONIUS-CD by bending the 2 wings.

7. When needed, connect the BASE-CF in-line with profile 3263 and assure the cc distance between the fixation positions remains constant.

8. Snap the distance profile 3262 perpendicular to the BASE-CF every 1200 mm.

9. Two distance profiles Capax 3262 will partially run parallel, where mounted on the same BASE-CF.

10. Optionally, install Acoustex-9 insulation onto the “T” section of the BASE-CF. The width of the Acoustex-9 will be 544 mm.

11. Attach the ribs to the BASE-CF.
The end of a Feltfon rib must not protrude unsupported more than max 200 mm.

12. The in-line connection of 2 ribs should be secured by a BASE-CF profile.

Capax ceiling profiles


nonius-cd hanger for gustafs feltfon
Nonius hanger


nonius-cd hanger for gustafs feltfon
Nonius-CD connecting Base-CD with Nonius hanger.


Base profile lenght: 3000 mm.



Capax 3265 Connector

Connector for to Base-CF lenght: 300 mm.

Capax profile 3262

capax 3265 distance profile
Distance profile 3262

Nonius Lock

lock Nonius hanger with Nonius-CD

Technical drawings


A.  Nonius-Hanger
B.  Nonius-CD
C.  Nonius locking pin
D. Capax profile 3262
E. Acoustex isolation
F. Capax 3265 Connector 200
G. Feltfon rib



Cleaning is done by dry mop or vacuum, approved for 70% alcohol products. Use synthetic cleaning fluid without ammonia for greasy stains, fruit, wine and coffee. Blood is removed with cold water.


F-Line Recessed

Our recessed Linear LED lamps offer a streamlined lighting solution compatible with every Feltfon Linear configuration, including Ribs, Vector, and Baffles.


F-Line Click

Easily attach linear LED lamps to the Capax installation profile using the U-FIX-F clip, which also supports the Feltfon Linear Ribs. The F-Line Click LED lamps align perfectly with 50 mm deep Feltfon Linear Ribs or can be discreetly positioned between Feltfon Linear Baffles.

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