Gpod 1 Linear


Gustafs Gpod 1 is the mobile workstation for peaceful working and digital meetings. Private-proof due to the superb sound blocking qualities while the super silent high airflow ventilation system completes the total acoustic experience. Available in 6 table configurations and various veneers. Gpod 1 comes standard with integral wheels and a full width bezel free universal door for right and left use. WiFi or the 8-inch touch screen are used to control occupancy, air quality, temperature, lights, and fans.

Number of persons




Exterior cladding



The design is simple and timeless while the robust timber frame gives it a unique and exclusive appearance. By tradition, we only use the best natural materials, and we craft them with care, for an outstanding quality and finish.


If it isn’t mobile, it’s not a pod. With integral wheels, the Gustafs Gpod 1 is easily moved around for a precise positioning, and you can simply and quickly reposition it anytime you want!


Due to our unique Nano perforation in the interior walls, we can combine beautiful wooden surfaces with great sound absorbing coefficients for peaceful conversations, by phone call or by video. The superb sound blocking qualities makes our pod private-proof and the super silent high airflow ventilation system completes the total acoustic experience – for many hours of relaxed and joyful working.


That’s exactly what you do when you open the dark-tinted privacy glass door of our Gpod. The door handle, with vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri and made with solid craftsmanship, is designed to grab.


Light and ventilation are extremely important functions when you want a comfortable environment to work in. Therefore, we have made it as easy as possible to adjust these two factors. Either you do it manually via the wall mounted touch screen or through a Wi-Fi connected mobile device. Or you let the Gpod handle it by using its multipurpose sensor – It’s a smart pod!


The quest for connectivity and charging requirements has never been as great as today. The multiuse USB-C contacts are in a minimalistic and natural way integrated in the walls with Nano-perforated veneer – it’s like connecting to wood.

Features that make a difference

There are certain moments during the working day that require more focus and privacy than others. Inside our soundproof Gpod 1 you won’t be disturbed during working and digital meetings.


Made for you

Our deskbound lifestyle affects our well-being. Gustafs Gpod isn’t just a room with good acoustics, adaptable ergonomics are just as important. The hight adjustable table and barstool allow you to vary your work position throughout the day between standing and sitting. That’s healthy.


If it’s not mobile, it’s not a pod

With integral wheels, the Gpod is easily moved around to a precise positioning, and you can simply reposition it anytime you want. The Gpod can also temporarily be raised so that forklifts can reach under it. This feature in combination with a sturdy, self-supporting chassis allows it to be moved over longer distances. Ideal for use at fairs, airports, universities and other public spaces. If it isn’t mobile, it’s not a pod.


The intelligent workspace

Imagine a workplace that notes your presence and every breath you take, so that it can optimise air quality, light conditions, and boost your performance.

Sleek USB-C integration

No hassle with wires, chargers, or different country standards, as our Gpod is equipped with the latest USB-C contacts, beautifully integrated into the perforated wooden panels.


Left or right hinged

The small detail with a crucial importance. Our doors are universal. That means you choose whether it should be left or right hinged.

Privacy glass

The dark tinted glass not only give the pod an exclusive appearance, but it also raises privacy to a higher level. You won’t feel observed when working inside.

Super silent ventilation

Good air quality is a necessity. The Gpod’s air refreshening system has high capacity and allows you to work inside for an entire workday, still being super quiet on both the inside and the outside of the pod.

Sound absorbing exterior

The exterior of our Gpod is clad with our world-renowned acoustic panels. This makes the Gpod itself a sound absorbing piece of furniture.

Flexible layouts

The Gpod is available with 2 configurations, giving 6 working positions, and the good thing is that you can change it any time, in case your needs change over time. Of course, in all lay outs you can vary your working position, sitting or standing. We know the value of good ergonomics for a long day of active working!

1 Working Wall

Work sitting or standing facing one of the wooden Nano walls. Change from one wall to the other in seconds.

1 Working Window

Work sitting or standing with a nice view through the large window.

When nothing, really nothing, should bother you

Sound affects us all the time – both physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviourally. We at Gustafs know a lot about this. For more than 100 years we’ve been developing wooden acoustic solutions for rooms where people thrive. Developing our Gpod, we put a lot of effort in creating a work and meeting space that meets the highest acoustic standards of today. From optimising the super-quiet ventilation, the sound absorption from our panels to the speech level reduction measured on the outside. The only thing you need to think about is your daily work.

Speech level reduction
Type Measured DS,A
Speech level reduction On the outside of the Gpod 30 dB


Acoustic properties
Placement Product αw NRC
Exterior Walls Linear RIB 0,70-B 0,8
Interior Walls Acoustic Nano Panels 0,85-B 0,9
Interior Ceiling Acoustic Panel RP8-C20 0,65-C 0,7
Interior Flooring Sound absorbing carpet 0,30-D 0,45

When everything should stay within four walls

We’ve created a mobile meeting space that takes undisturbed working to a new level. Whether you have a digital meeting or an important phone call, the most important is that you can do it undisturbed and in privacy. The speech level reduction (DS,A) measured on the outside of the of Gpod 1 Linear is 30 dB. Pods with this level of sound insulation are fully privacy proof and you won’t be disturbed by the sounds from outside, while no one on the outside can hear your conversation.


Magic perforations

The interior walls are covered with our unique wooden Nano panel with an amazing sound absorption. 300,000 holes/m² and only 0.5 mm in diameter. A hard, but highly sound absorbing surface like Gustafs Nano, results in a natural and echo-free sounding environment optimized for conversations, a Gustafs solution that has been highly praised by leading acousticians for decades.


Designed for eyes & ears

The inner ceiling is manufactured with our linear RP8 perforation which seamlessly integrates the ventilation inlets. An example of how we have designed for eyes and ears.


It sounds good in the whole room

Our popular Linear panels have been used on the outside of the Gpod 1 Linear. In addition to this great looking exterior cladding, the Gpod also absorbs sounds in the room in which it is placed.

When you want to make an impression

Gustafs Gpod is a piece of furniture with a design and material selection that expresses natural luxury. The perfection in every detail comes from our 100-year history in wood carpentry.


Customise your pod

For the exterior and interior surfaces, you can choose between 4 architectural veneers and black or white, according to the configurations shown below, but you can also mix these options.

Surface Options frame & ceiling

Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office meeting pod

Surface Options exterior & interior walls

Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office phone booth Cherry veneer for office meeting pod Black surface for office phone booth White surface for office phone booth


A reminder of our origins

The sturdy frame is a distinctive element and gives the Gpod its personality. The solid wooden structure symbolises craftsmanship and durability.


An invisible transition

Simplicity is the hard part. The seamless transition from wood to glass is a detail we’re especially proud of. Free of edges or noticeable mouldings, your entry from the busy to the quiet will be a little magical.


One step closer to a deal

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why working on the details has been so important to us. The inviting stainless-steel threshold will take you one step closer to seal-the-deal.


Comfort & exclusivity

Of course, we offer high-class and well-designed tables and seating furniture for our pods. We love to work with leather but offer fabrics too. We are flexible and gladly supply our Gpods without furniture so you can use your own.


Only the best is good enough

The full width glass doors are an essential design feature of the Gpod, guaranteeing an easy entry and a view out free from edges and mouldings. That’s why we use the minimalistic and famous Tectus hinges.

Biophilic materials

Nature-connected materials will present all sorts of benefits ranging from improved physical health and mental well-being, improved cognitive function and productivity in workplaces. This makes natural materials a logical choice for a workplace like our Gpod, adding a needed sense of harmony.


In our roots since 1913

Ever since its beginning in 1913, wood has been an important raw material in Gustafs recipe for success. It is a fantastic natural material that affects people with happiness and increased well-being while at the same time expressing a fantastic and unbeatable elegance.


A living material

Eco friendly vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri is used in our furniture and door handles. It’s a living material that ages with a beautiful natural patina. All our leather details are handcrafted locally and with great care in Dalarna. Feel the difference.


Natural, in all it’s elements

We even care about the things that you won’t see in our Gpods. The walls and ceilings are constructed from high density fibre gypsum and filled by stone wool. Both these two non-plastic materials contain more than 90% recycled material and are nature’s own inventions when it comes to their fire proofing, sound blocking and sound absorbing.

A zero footprint is our target

It’s in our Swedish DNA to do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We have come a long way and we are proud that our production is certified using 100% renewable energy, that our products are made from 98 percent natural materials and 94 percent recycled materials, and that all wood panels are free from retardants, added formaldehyde or isocyanate binders.


Our Gpod is produced with our wood panels containing an incredible 94% recycled material. Even better is the fact that 17% of the total content comes from post-consumer recycled material.


Producing in Sweden and surrounded by hydro power plants this is the main energy source for our production. The only other two are wind and solar power, adding up to a fantastic 100% renewable energy.

The fibre gypsum core of Gustafs panels is regarded an inherently none-emitting source of VOCs, just like stone, ceramic, metals, glass and concrete. The panels are also completely impregnation-free and that is why our panels are naturally very low emitting, guaranteeing a healthy room air quality.


Approved building Certifications for panels (interior)
TVOC  required TVOC  result Formaldehyde required Formaldehyde result
BREEAM ≤ 0,3 (mg/m³) 0,021 (mg/m³) ≤ 0,06 (mg/m³) 0,016 (mg/m³)
LEED none U.S. ≤ 1,0 (mg/m³) 0,021 (mg/m³) < 0,06 (mg/m²h) 0,017 (mg/m²h)
BVB < 0,2 (mg/m²h) 0,023 (mg/m²h) < 0,05 (mg/m²h) 0,017 (mg/m²h)
M1 < 0,2 (mg/m²h) 0,023 (mg/m²h) < 0,05 (mg/m²h) 0,017 (mg/m²h)
Blue Angel ≤ 0,3 (mg/m³) 0,021 (mg/m³) ≤ 0,06 (mg/m³) 0,016 (mg/m³)


Approved building Certifications for Linear RIB (Exterior)
TVOC  required TVOC  result Formaldehyde required Formaldehyde result
BREEAM ≤ 0,3 (mg/m³) 0,147 (mg/m³) ≤ 0,01 (mg/m³) < 0,005 (mg/m³)
LEED none U.S. ≤ 1,0 (mg/m³) 0,147 (mg/m³) < 0,06 (mg/m²h) < 0,005 (mg/m²h)
BVB < 0,2 (mg/m²h) 0,160 (mg/m²h) < 0,05 (mg/m²h) < 0,005 (mg/m²h)
M1 < 0,2 (mg/m²h) 0,160 (mg/m²h) < 0,05 (mg/m²h) < 0,005 (mg/m²h)
Blue Angel ≤ 0,3 (mg/m³) 0,147 (mg/m³) ≤ 0,06 (mg/m³) < 0,005 (mg/m³)


More Building Certifications >>


No added formaldehyde

The glues and lacquers used in our solutions are always certified NAF systems – No Added urea Formaldehyde.


Install it where you need it

Gpod 1 can be connected to power from the bottom left side, the bottom right side or from the roof. The universal door can be installed for right or left opening and need exactly 1 m of free space in front of the pod.

Outer dimensions
Total footprint 1420 x 1250 mm (WxD)
Total height 2380 mm
Inner dimensions
Floor space 990 x 1220 mm (WxD)
Standing height 2010 mm (WxD)
Technical specifications
Weight 490 kg
Front door Full width door, 2000 x 1007 mm, opening 180° to full width. Magnet soft close. Sound-proof glass.
Backside glass Sound-proof glass.
Surface treatment Triple UV coating approved for cleaning with up to 70% alcohol products.
Flooring Antistatic, dirt resistant and acoustic.
Intelligent sensor Automated control of light, air quality and movement.
Ventilation Oversized airflow of 45,1 l/s (162,4 m3/h). 3 low speed whisper fans. Automatic/manual rpm control.
Power input 230 V, from left, right or the roof. Can be changed anytime.
Sockets, output 2 x USB-C.
Lighting 2 X LED Spotlights, automatic/manual control & dimmable.
Wheels 4 pcs, diameter 125 mm, swing.
Adjustable feets 4 pcs, adjustable from 20-100 mm height, access from inside.
Speech level reduction (DS,A measured from outside) 30 dB


Download our specifications and CAD/BIM files here. Contact us if there is any data you are missing!

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