Fibre Gypsum

Fibre gypsum is a core material that gives both interior Panels and Ribs many outstanding qualities, leaving no restrictions to use them everywhere for walls and ceilings, also in the most demanding types of rooms. Fibre Gypsum solutions are extremely well suited for use in escape routes, sky-scrapers, schools, meeting rooms, concert halls, hotels, airport terminals, restaurants and all other types of public meeting places.

A dead core with many benefits


Fiber Gypsum is non-sensitive to indoor climate changes and allow you as a designer to work with the combination of large formatted panels and zero spaced joints in between the panels. This combination gives an exclusive and beautiful end-result, lasting over its full life time, without bulging or warping. Fiber Gypsum Ribs will be 100% straight and stay 100% straight.


The fire retardant properties of Panel and Rib systems based on a non-combustible Fiber Gypsum are not reliant on chemical treat­ments. Instead it is the mechanical composition of the components which create the end result. Compared to other solutions using impregnated core materials or thick protecting top-coatings, Fiber Gypsum solutions are protected truly homogeneously and will always remain 100% fire safe even when perforated with thousands of acoustic holes per square meter or when cut on site. The result is undoubted fire classifications up to A2-s1,d0 class, including the surface material, surface finish and installation system.


Fiber Gypsum cores are extremely low-emitting. One of the reasons is that they are produced without glues and due to that also automatically without added urea-formaldehyde. Interior Panels and Ribs, containing 97% Fiber Gypsum, will per definition have very low TVOC and formaldehyde emissions. The total surface area of a product will have impact on the level of emissions. Because Fiber Gypsum is almost non-emitting, surface area increasing post treatments, like acoustic perforations or slicing the material into Linear Ribs, will not affect the emission classification.

Material PropertyHigh Density Fibre GypsumScore
Dimension StabilityFibre Gypsum is extremely dimension
stable and large panels up to 3000×1200
mm can be installed with a 0 mm spacing
(100% closed joints).
Resistance to impactFibre Gypsum has a good resistance to
impact and is suitable for high traffic
areas, sports halls, schools, hospitals,
restaurants and similar.
FlattnessFibre Gypsum is not sensitive to changes
in the room’s temperature or humidity
and stays flatt over time. Large panel
formats can be used.
Fire Safety of
the core
Fibre Gypsum contains 83% or more
non-combustible minerals and is
classified A1-s1,d0 or A2-s1,d0.
No impregnating chemicals or fire
retardant lacquers need to be used
Fire Safety of the whole panel, including
the veneer, lacquer and perforations
Fibre Gypsum is all the way through
non-combustible. Perforations do not
effect the fire properties and the whole
panel keeps fire class A2-s1,d0, including
the veneer and lacquer.
AcousticsWith 15 kg/m², Fibre Gypsum based
panels will not vibrate/resonate due to
sound waves. Sound will be properly
reflected towards to back concert halls
or auditoriums.
Recycled materialFibre Gypsum contains 94% recycled
material and 17% of these are post
Thermal massWith a high density of 1150-1250 kg/m³
Fibre Gypsum stores both heath and
cold. This property helps to keep rooms
at an even temperature which reduces
energy consumption.
EmissionsFibre Gypsum does not contribute to
formaldehyde emissions at all and post
treatments like acoustic perforations
does not influence the level of emissions
No added Urea
Fibre Gypsum does not contain any glue
and will never contain added urea
ColorsFibre Gypsums are availabe in Light Grey
and Dark Grey. A Dark Grey Core is
recommended in combination with dark
veneers, dark paints and dark laminates.


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