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Panel Accessories are unique details including lights, hatches, grilles or other details to be combined with your wall or ceiling paneling. With over 100 years within the joinery industry we know what it takes to make unique items. We originate from the wooden interior industry, do not hesitate to ask about special solutions for your interior.

Gustafs panel accessories at SEB head office
Wall accessories for Gustafs panesl, LED-light


Integral LED illumination system for Gustafs Panels. The 12V plug and play system provides an easy and time saving installation. The result is a slim and brilliant light line in between the panels, either vertically or horizontally. The power supply system is hidden behind the panels by simply using standard components.

  • Gustafs LED only uses existing standard components within the Gustafs Panels System for simple and cost effective installations.

  • Very thin power supply track/connector, only 14 mm thick and easily hidden in the insulation behind the panels.

  • Plug & Play, no tools or soldering needed. 12V AC system, installation does not require an electrician.

  • LED strips can be cut to size and still be connected without soldering.

  • Many LED strips can be connected to one power supply line providing extremely simple installations.

  • Slide in diffuser lens, allow for lamp and colour changes.

Gustafs Washington perforation at House of Sweden in Washington D.C

Back lit ceiling – House of Sweden, Washington D.C.

Throughout the building you find light maple panels made by Gustafs. The total area amounts to 2,450 square meters. The challenge was to combine demands for fireproofing, sound control and environmental soundness with aesthetic charm.

House of Sweden


The need of having access to the ancillary system cannot be avoided. Gustafs offer real integral hatches, of course with a fully matched veneer and a handle free “push-open” mechanism to make them almost invisible. The hatches have the same fire class as the rest of our panel system. Different models of hatches are available, for reliable every day use or in simpler designs for occasional use.


Grilles to cover heating and ventilation systems are a natural part of our cladding system. To make the grills sturdy they are made of solid wood and supported by a clever construction. As a one stop supplier, we will match the visual appearance of the grill with the rest of the interior for an optimal result.

Slat Wall

Open up a world of opportunities by integrating our Slat-Wall profile to your wall. The profile 3266 provides a visible open joint of 15 mm and can be used everywhere and directly in-between our panels. Slat-Wall is a universal World standard and the number of accessories is infinite, like the suspensions of shelves, hooks, lamps, art, office tools, meeting room tools etc.