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Acoustic Pods for Work-Life Harmony

For more than a century, since 1913, Gustafs has created and manufactured exclusive wooden interiors inspired by the silent forests of Dalarna in Sweden. The acoustic meeting pod – Gustafs Gpod – is our truly mobile work space solution, allowing you to enjoy co-working and meetings in open plan offices and public rooms, fully in silence and with a high level of privacy. Working in harmony will keep you productive and healthy, at work and at home!

Gustafs acoustic meeting pod for offices and public spaces

Gustafs Gpod Design

Living in Sweden we have learned to value the beautifulness and quietness of nature. That’s why Gustafs Gpod is the essence of Scandinavian design, a jewel for eyes and ears. Using acoustic wooden surfaces is natural for us as we know wood influences our minds with calm and harmony. The timber frame design of Gustafs Gpod stands for timeless quality and the sturdiness a real mobile pod requires.

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Frame Design

Inspired by the trees surrounding us in Sweden, the sturdy timber frame design gives Gustafs Gpod it’s unique and exclusive appearance. While inside, the view out is amazing and totally frameless – for work-life harmony!


Feel welcome when entering Gustafs Gpod, the maritime influenced stainless steel threshold combined with the high-tech magnetic closing mechanism expresses finesse and is the first thing that welcomes you.

Flush Design

During the design process we really looked into all the details. The design had to be simple but with a strong character. The fantastic flush glass sections are a detail we are especially proud of. The transition from the wooden frame to the glass is seamless and beautiful.

Each Gustafs Gpod is Unique

Gustafs veneer Masters working at our in-house veneer shop are specialized in selecting the finest wooden veneer sheets. We only use the best parts of the trees with architectural quality. Wooden veneer is a natural material and every flitch has its own beautiful structure, drawn with perfection. That’s why each Gustafs Gpod is unique!

Nano Wood

Looking at wood makes people happy. The interior of Gustafs Gpod is completely designed in wood but still highly acoustic due to our unique Nano technique with invisible perforations – for a great quality in sound. We make work spaces designed for eyes and ears.

Express Yourself

Below you find a small selection of our wide program for Gustafs Gpod design options. You can mix different veneers and claddings to achieve the design of your choice. Contact us for guidance.

Gpod Nano walnut white acoustic meeting pod

Gpod Nano Walnut + White

Gpod Nano walnut acoustic meeting pod

Gpod Nano Walnut

Gpod Nano Oak Dark acoustic meeting pod

 Gpod Nano Oak + Black

Gpod Linear Oak white ribs acoustic meeting pod

 Gpod Linear Oak + White

Gpod Linear Walnut Dark acoustic meeting pod

 Gpod Linear Walnut + Black

Gpod Linear ash acoustic meeting pod

 Gpod Linear Ash

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If it’s not mobile – it’s not a pod

With integral wheels the Gustafs Gpod is easily moved around to give it a precise positioning, or simply reposition it anytime you want.

Mobile meeting room with integral wheels
Mobile meeting pod with forklift

Mobile by fork lift

Gustafs Gpod can temporary be raised by 90 mm so that fork lifts can reach under it. This feature in combination with a sturdy, real self-supporting chassis allows it to be moved over longer distances. Ideal for use at fairs, airports, universities, and similar.

A real door opener

The full width saloon doors of the Gustafs Gpod allow really easy entries and makes placement in the room simple – there is no left or right. And why not work with open doors, still enjoying a comfortable acoustic working environment.

Full opened saloon doors on acoustic meeting pod
Office meeting pod with adjustable tables

Vary your working position

It’s healthy to vary your working position regularly. The wall mounted table is quickly adapted to standing or sitting positions.

Unique Gustafs Acoustics

Gustafs Gpod is designed with the latest technologies when it comes to acoustics – Gustafs Nano is cladding the walls and Gustafs Stripe is cladding the ceiling.

Layout – It’s Your Choice!

Gustafs Gpod is available with many layout options to always suit your way of co-working.

2 MEETING | Face to Face

4 MEETING | Face to Face

acoustic meeting pod furnishing

2 MEETING | Lounge

acoustic meeting pod with bar desk

2 WORKING | Side by Side

acoustic meeting pod for two people

2 WORKING | Back to Back

acoustic meeting pod single workspace

1 WORKING | Solo

Activate your Gpod

Activate the sides of Gustafs Gpod with personal graphics to create your own design. Changing to new signage is easily done.

Decorate your acoustic meeting pod with your business graphical design

Gustafs Gpod Features

The outline design of Gustafs acoustic Gpod
Green and safe acoustic meeting pod

Green & Safe

• Natural Fire Safety, A2-s1,d0 surfaces
• No added Urea Formaldehyde
• Naturally very low emitting
• Produced with 100% renewable energy

Features Gustafs Acoustic meeting pod - Gpod


• Sound proof for 100% discrete conversations
• Privacy glass
• Silent, sound proof and high capacity fresh air system
• Easy entrance – Full width saloon doors
• Adjustable tables for sitting or standing
• Choose your lay-out now and change in the future
• Wooden acoustic surfaces
• Gustafs acoustic Nano and Stripe technologies
• Sound absorbing outsides
• Real mobile by integral wheels or fork lift
• Quick-Up assembling

Design your acoustic meeting pod


• Nano, Stripe and Linear design options
• Architectural wood finish quality
• Activate your Gpod by wall art
• Match Gpod with the rooms wall and ceiling claddings
• Configurate your own pod

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