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Project Description

Krokslätt’s Factories

Krokslätt’s Factories are a new urban area that emerges on the outskirts of Gothenburg. With dating back to 19th century, the district is now resurrected in a new form. A society in miniature, with residential buildings, workplaces and stores – all with a common goal – sustainability.

In the entrances to the residential buildings Gustafs new product – Gustafs D-Line – are installed in the ceilings. Gustafs D-Line is a linear lighting system that are fully compatible with our Linear Rib installation system. The integrated lighting creates a beautiful installation with our Capax system.

At Krokslätt’s Factories the architects have used the Gustafs D-Line combined with Gustafs Rib in oak veneer.

Architects: Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor

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Gustafs D-Line