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Project Description

Hotel Gekås

It is Sweden’s most visited destination with its 4,8 million visitors in 2016. In 2013 the superstore’s first hotel was completed within walking distance from the store.

In 2016 the hotel expanded with a conference suite and a restaurant. Gustafs has produced wall and ceiling panels to the new conference room. The conference room is designed like a tree house which floats above the hotel’s restaurant, with an extension through the facade.

The acoustic perforated wooden wall and ceiling panels in the restaurant are produced with a dark core in cedar veneer. The unique RS8 perforation makes the panel look like planks.

On the glass facade a wooden box in ProdEx by Prodema in rustik veneer has been installed. The wooden box gives you a feeling of an extended conference room out through the panorama window.

Architects: Liljewall Arkitekter

Contractor: NCC

Photo: Devis Bionaz