A fire-safe choice

Gustafs panels achieve classification A2-s1, d0, which means that the panel has no contribution to fire. Gustafs Panels System® consists of several high quality products. To meet the market demands it is necessary to be in the absolute front line and have the right products at the right moment. 

Depending on the local fire safety regulations, demands may vary from country to country around the world. Gustafs products meets the fire regulations and demands for public localities such as schools, meeting rooms, concert halls, hotels, airport terminals and other similar public meeting places. The system has been tested and certified at a national level in most European countries, Asia and the United States.


Gustafs Panel System

Gustafs panels, type BF-Panels have, in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification A2-s1, d0

The panel surface is fire-safe and does not contribute to the surface spread of flames. Gustafs Panel System® has a low level of smoke development and minimal hazardous gas emissions. Panels which are perforated or slotted are complemented with mineral wool backing to eliminate the possibility of ignition behind the panel.

The fire retardant properties of the BF-Panel (Cellulose Gypsum) are not reliant on chemical treatment; instead it is the mechanical composition of all the details which create the end result. In all other wood or fibre based materials an environmental friendly fire retardant is used.

Consequently approval of cladding materials is always associated with an installation system or method. The Gustafs Panels System employs Capax as an integral part of its installation and is approved to classification K1 10/K2 10.

Claddings with K1 10/K2 10 for example protect the underlying constructions in the event of fire.


Gustafs Linear System

Gustafs Linear System, have, in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification B-s1, d0




This film shows the difference between a CGS, an MDF with a fire retardant and a standard MDF.


Many of our products have unique characteristics in fire safety. For our veneered panels, we have achieved classification Euro Class A2 s1 d0, which is the highest for a combustible material.