LEED poäng för en hållbar Gustafsbyggnad LEED är ett hållbarhets-certifikat för byggnader och inte för byggnadsmaterial. Byggnadsmaterial kan bidra med fler eller färre poäng till den totala klassificeringen beroende på materialets egenskaper. Gustafs lösningar bidrar med utmärkta egenskaper som bidrar med poäng inom flertalet områden som räknas in i LEED-klassificeringen.

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LEED poäng för en hållbar byggnad


LEED är ett miljöcertifieringsprogram för byggnader. Byggnadsprodukter kan däremot bidra med poäng för att bidra till en högre värdering av byggnadens klassificering.

Gustafs produkter bidrar med många poäng på olika områden inom dem olika LEED-kategorierna, som utgör bedömningen för byggnaden. Däremot är värdet av Gustafs produkter, sett till hela byggnaden, relativt låg och poäng bör inte överdrivas.

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Gustafs produkter bidrar till en hållbar byggnad


Walls and especially ceilings with a high thermal mass, similar to our fiber-gypsum core, can even out daily fluctuations in room temperature caused by external temperature changes. These energy savings regarding heating or cooling of the building can contribute to points. The credit awarding system differs for new and existing buildings.

High light reflecting walls and ceilings improve the overall lightning conditions and reduce the need of indirect and artificial light sources. By using light and glossy surfaces the total building energy use can be improved and can contribute to gaining points. The credit awarding system differs for new and existing buildings.

The Gustafs Panels can be used to cover existing walls and ceilings. By reusing at least 50% of non structural elements, 1 point can be gained.

All our panels can be recycled or salvaged. A total  of 50% gives 1 point, 75% contributes with 2 points. Gustafs can supply cut-to-size and ready to use panels reducing waste to a minimum. When we carry out the installation, we can offer a full redirection of waste, back to the manufacturing process. Gustafs panels can not cover 50-75% of the construction debris, so they must be combined with other materials to achieve this credit.

Due to the life time expectancy and the demountable feature, all our panels can be relocated in new constructions or renovation projects. 1 point can be earned by reusing 5%, 2 points by reusing 10% of the total material costs, calculated to new replacement value.

Gustafs Panels contain recycled raw materials. 77% is pre-consumer and 17% is post-consumer. 1 or 2 points can be earned depending on the choice of materials and to what extent that the builder decides to use them.

För projekt inom ett visst avstånd från Gustafs så bidrar våra paneler till 2 poäng. Det innebär att 20% av kostnaden för allt material regional. Med regional menas tillverkningen har skett inom 800 km vid transport med lastbil, 2400 km med tåg och 12000 km med sjötransport (se den kartan för ungefärlig beskrivning.)

A project can earn 1 point by using 2,5% rapidly renewable materials. This can be achieved by using for example Bamboo or Banana Leaf veneers as a surface for our panels in the contribution of renewable materials. Since our product is a composite assembly of materials, use only the value of the veneer.

Gustafs Panels use FSC certified wood veneer and can help to achieve this 1 point credit. In total 50% FSC certified wood, based on costs, needs to be used in a permanent way. Since this product is a composite assembly, use only the value of the veneer.

Our absorptive materials are protected from moisture damage during the on-site storage and can contribute to achieve this 1 point credit.

Gustafs panels have very low emissions with regard to Formaldehyde and VOC’s. Consequently the panels will provide the best possible conditions to achieve an indoor air quality that guarantees the comfort and well-being for construction workers and building occupants alike. Gustafs can contribute to earning 1 point.

The standard installation for Gustafs panels is carried out mechanically using the Gustafs CAPAX fixtures. In exceptional situations adhesives or sealants that may be used, are declared non-odorous/irritating and harmless. The Gustafs panel system can contribute to achieve this credit, worth 1 point.

All our interior panel substrates and other millwork products contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins and meet the LEED requirements for this credit.

LEED för skolor

Gustafs acoustical ceiling systems and wall coverings will meet the low-emitting requirements for VOC emissions.

The acoustical absorbing and transmission qualities of Gustafs Panels can contribute with 1 point. This can be attained by limiting the unoccupied background noise to below 40dB(A) in combination with core walls for learning environments rated with the minimum sound transmission class per room.