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The Gustafs Modules comes fully assembled and ready to use, including the acoustic felt. The Module system provides quick, user friendly and con­cealed installations and a modern linear look in solid wood. A look that can be adapted to your request when it comes to the rib dimension and the ­spacing in between them, but also the type of wood and wood treatment. 




Modules Free Suspended



Modules T24 Suspension


With more than 100 years of wood experience, we know how to handle and care for solid wood, a challenging job when perfectly aligned linear installations are requested.


The ceiling modules come ready to use including an acoustic felt and are easily suspended from the integral M6 connection points. The M6 connection allows the height positioning to be fine-tuned with laser edge accuracy. Once the modules with the female shaped interlocking’s are in place, simply add and couple the male modules in between for a perfect alignment, while every second row of modules remaining fully demountable. We recommend 5mm spacing between the modules in length direction.


Modules designed for Gustafs Capax T24 Ceiling Grid have a semi concealed and fully demountable installation system! The stability and sturdiness in our Capax T24 Ceiling Grid provide the unique combination of real demountability and a high level of bearing safety and safety during the mounting and demounting process. Of course T24 ceiling modules can be supplied ready to use including a black or white acoustic felt, alternatively a 15 mm integrated black or white insulation layer.


The Linear modules for walls also comes fully assembled and equipped with an acoustic felt. The modules are hung from hook shaped battens and once in place secured by a screw. The screw will be hidden behind the acoustic felt, using an overlap principle for a stylish end result.



Design your Module freely according to your personal preferences but please note that the following rib dimensions will result in the most cost effective solutions with the shortest possible lead times and that we keep raw material in stock for oak, ash, birch and pine.

RIB Lenghts

  • For Gustafs Wall Modules: 2400 and 3000 mm
  • For Gustafs Ceiling Modules: 1200 and 1800 mm


Portrait ribs

20×33 / 20×70 mm

27×33 / 27×70 / 27×95 mm

33×33 / 33×70 / 33×95 / 33×120 mm

44×70 / 44×95 / 44×120 / 44×145 mm

Landscape ribs

33×20 / 70×20 / 95×20 / 120×20 / 145×20 mm

33×27 / 70×27 / 95×27 / 120×27 / 145×27 mm

33×33 / 70×33 / 95×33 / 120×33 / 145×33 mm

70×44 / 95×44 / 120×44 / 145×44 mm

Top Finish

Gustafs Linear Modules offers many possibilities to create environments with the highest demands for design and appearance.  We collaborate closely with architects and designers and are attentive to what lies in the future. Choose your desired top finish method to achieve an unique design.

Lacquered Surface

Lacquered solid wooden rib

A clear lacquered finish is by far the most common maintenance-free and durable finish for wooden surfaces. Utilizing a multi-stage UV-lacquering process, our surface finish achieves these demands while aspiring to maintain technical ­aspects such as our fire retardation and environmental goals. Our lacquer is a multi-layer UV-cured process which is available in a range of gloss finishes.

Lacquered Surface – Pigmentation

Three stage white pigmented veneer

A pigment can be used to change the colour tone on Gustafs Modules. We have developed a three stage scale of white pigment for modules. Since various species react differently to the process we recommend a consultation before proceeding with surface finishing.

Stained Surface

Stained solid wood

You can also stain the module to achieve different effects on your wall or ceiling. Different wood react different to certain treatments so contact us to guarantee that the final result matches your vision.

Painted Surface

Painted Solid Wood for Gustafs Module

Among the many advantages of a Gustafs Module is its plane and even surface. This enables us to create a painted surface finish and at the same time keep the beautiful wooden structure on the surface. we can produce painted surfaces in a multitude of colors in accordance with for example NCS or RAL codes up to a gloss rate up to 50.

Printed Surface

Gustafs Module with printed veneer

You can have your print directly on the module surface. We offer new design opportunities with Gustafs Print. You can design every module in a completely unique way. Design module by module or spread your graphics over several modules with a seamless transference.

Oiled Surface

solid wood module with oiled surface

Oiled Module top finish creates a matte and beautiful finish on wooden surfaces. Contact us for advice and samples.

Learn more about our finish options

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