Welcome To Our New Website

Gustafs new website

Today we are finally launching our new website! We have been working hard for the last couple of months with the design, the content and the structure. We have focused on creating a website that is easy to use with a lot of inspiring content, both visually and in terms of fact-based content. We simply want our visitors to learn more about our products and all their key properties like fire safety, acoustics and the environmental aspects!

Introducing Architect Support

One of the main feature of the new website is Architect Support. We have collected all our knowledge of Gustafs products and materials at the same place. We want our visitors to learn more about the benefits of Gustafs products and at the same time create a space where you easily can retrieve more information.

Visit Architect Support

New Products

We have also updated our Linear Module and Linear Rib models.

Modules T24 Suspension is a semi concealed and fully demountable installation system designed for Capax installations system.

Linear Rib-S are an updated design of our Rib system, with a thicknesses varying from 13 up to 74 mm.

See our Linear System
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