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Project Description

Wood In Eye Hospital Environment

Wood as a Natural Element

It is no secret that wood is a health-promoting material. The wood’s natural expression creates a harmonious and safe feeling – a natural choice in a hospital environment. In addition, it is proven that wood promotes convalescence and reduces stress, it reminds us of a natural forest environment.

Therefore, the choice of material in St. Erik’s Eye Hospital is a good example of an interior that is based on patients’ well-being. The wood element in the hospital environment is made by us at Gustafs. The public environments in the building are clad with our wood panels and acoustic panels in white pigmented oak. Our timber panels have also been combined with our wood panels in an innovative way.

On the ground floor you will also find our acoustic panels with PD8 perforation that absorb the sound in areas with smaller areas. In addition to the health effects that our panels contribute to the hospital environment, they also add an extra dimension to safety through the high fire protection Reaction to Fire A2-s1, d0.

Architect: White Architects

Installation: Bygg- & Akustikteknik AB

Photo: Bara Bild