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Project Description

Decorative Acoustic Panels At Lanarkshire Campus

Creative And Decorative Possibilities

The possibilities of creating unique wall and ceiling paneling with our products are many. Both Gustafs Panel System and Gustafs Linear System allows you to play with different colours and shapes to achieve a creative design. At University of the West of Scotland the architect have taken advantage of this opportunity.

The Street building at the newly built Lanarkshire EcoCampus is cladded with decorative acoustic panels from Gustafs. The composition of acoustic panels behind and on the information desk is designed in a triangular elevation that rises from the floor to the ceiling. The decorative panels are produced whitout wooden veneer, which results in a beautiful painted wall panel. The colour that have been used is RAL 6019 Pastel Green.

Furthermore, our timber acoustic panels have been installed in different sections in the building. The rib’s are in birch veneer and gives the room an extra dimension and at the same time works as a acoustic absorbent.

Gustafs produced and supplied the products together with our UK partner LSA Projects.

The Street

The Street is the name of the building that connects the three campus buildings together. The building includes café, information service, exhibition area and study places.

Architect: Graven Architects

Photographer: David Barbour