Nykobing Falster Theatre2021-12-08T13:17:08+01:00

Project Description

Theatre Foyer with Adapted Acoustics

The newly renovated cultural centre in the municipality of Gudlborgsund, Denmark, is a converted building that previously housed the city’s electricity supply. Today, the building houses the city’s two cinemas and is the city’s gathering place for cultural events.

In the foyer of the premises, the architect has chosen to use Gustaf’s oak veneered Linear RIBs running along the walls. The rounded walls cause the ribs to undulate throughout the entrance area and at the same time create a pleasant, acoustic atmosphere before the performances begin.

The project has been carried out together with our Danish partner In-Sign akustik.

Architect: ETN Arkitekter

Installation: In-sign Akustik

Photo: Brahl Fotografi