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Project Description

The Museum of Gdynia

Beautiful Wooden Museum Interior In Gdynia

To the new museum interior in Gdynia, Gustafs was given the task to manufacture different types of wood wall cladding panels and wood ceiling cladding panels. Both plain panels and decorative acoustic panels perforated in SH5 perforation and PH8 perforation in Oak wooden veneer and Gemini Sandy Maple veneer.

The Museum of the City of Gdynia was established by the Mayor 01/01/1983.
One of the main objectives of the museum is to document and popularize the information about the history and present of Gdynia, rural development, town and port with particular emphasis on the importance of urban-center port during the Second Republic (1920-1939). The Museum organizes exhibitions of artists old and maintenance works of contemporary artists in the country and abroad, often in collaboration with artists unions and organizations.

The museum is located at street Zawiszy Czarnego no.1 (near the Music Theatre). The building has five floors, which are collections storage, conservation laboratories, a library and reading room, audiovisual room, exhibition rooms and art gallery. On the various forms of the exhibition was designed around 1750m2. Opening of the new building was held 16/11/2007 with the participation of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

Architects: Warsztat Architektury Pracownia Autorska