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Project Description

Sonja Henies Ballroom

Interior hotel design
Radisson blu panel inspiration

Recessed LED Lighting at Sonja Henies Ballroom

In 2009 the conference room was reconsecrated. The walls are cladded with Gustafs acoustic wall panels in walnut veneer with PH5 acoustic perforation. The acoustic wall panels are installed with an open joint with a recessed walnut list. Some of the panels are preassambled on frames to create a three dimensional look. These panels are installed with recessed LED lighting which illuminates the acoustic wall panels from behind.

Sonja Henies Ballroom at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel is one of the largest conference venue in Oslo, Norway. Sonja Henie Ballroom is a multipurpose room that can be partitioned into 3 different sections, where both the stage and dance floor can be moved and expanded.

Architect: White Arkitekter & Living Design Consulting Group