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Project Description

Royal College of Music

With high ambitions from the very beginning the architects wanted to create the most modern music college of the world. Through a solid cooperation between the architects AIX, acoustician Jan-Inge Gustafsson from Norconsult and Gustafs the new Royal School of music was completed the autumn 2016 with a result beyond the expectations.

Already during Gustafs Malmö Live project, acoustician Jan-Inge Gustafsson and Gustafs started to discuss different solutions for the upcoming Royal College of Music project. And that is how Gustafs got the contract to build the acoustical solutions for three concert halls at the new college of music in Stockholm.

The main concert hall – The Royal Hall, at Royal College of Music in Stockholm is acoustically adapted for many different music events. Box formed element were made out of Gustafs wood panels in painted ash veneer. Each band has a unique red shade. Some boxes are also integrated with lighting.

The Chamber Hall – Nathan Milstein Hall, with its characteristic blue waves is custom made for a smaller audience and strings, organ and piano performance. The bespoke curved panels are Gustafs Wood Panels in, once again, painted ash veneer in different blue shades. The gold cover beneath the blue painted panels are panels with a laminate surface. The ceilings are cladded with Gustafs Panels in a grid pattern with unique acoustic properties.

The smallest hall is Kreativiteum or Black Box. The hall is an experimental stage for both recordings and performance for a smaller audience. Gustafs has produced a mix of Gustafs Planks and Gustafs Panels in black painted ash veneer.

The design for all our panels is designed by AIX architect Annika Askerblom.

The Royal College of Music was opened for the students in august 2016 and was inaugurated by King Carl Gustaf XVI 28th of January 2017.

Architect : AIX Arkitekter

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

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