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Project Description

Replicating 60 Year Old Wall

Solid Wood From 1957

S:t Pers School in Sweden, from 1957, undergone extensive reconstruction, refurbishment and restoration. In the school’s auditorium the aim was to preserve the original design while improving both the ventilation and the acoustics in the room. Gustafs was assigned the task of developing wood and acoustic panels that could replace, but at the same time replicate, the existing wall.

Color Matching of 60 Year Old Wood

To begin with, the big challenge was to find the right combination of wood and surface treatment to achieve a perfect color match with the old wall, which is also continuous on the existing walls that have been preserved. We have used our panels based on our fibergypsum board that have been produced with a pine veneer. The pine veneer has then been coated with a colored lacquer, which after a lot of testing got the shades we were looking for. The darker shade has been used on the narrower panels and a lighter one on the wide panels.

Improved Acoustics and Ventilation

When the old solid wood wall was to be demolished, there was also room for improvements in the acoustics of the room. The existing walls of the auditorium were made of solid wood that does not have the same acoustic ability as our perforated wood panels with fibergypsum board. In several sections along the wall, we have installed our acoustic panel PH10, which contributes to a improved sound absorption.

Stud framework for new auditorium wall
New wall in school auditorium

The improvement of the supply air in the room was also one of the requirements when renovating the premises. In order to build up the existing ventilation with our wood panels, extensive stud framework were required to optimize the air flow behind the wall. At the same time, brass grilles were installed which merge aesthetically with the brown-toned wood panel.

Detailed Wood Work

In order to recreate a wall with that 50’s feeling, we have manufacturered various special solutions in the form of moldings and details that frame the panels. Between the different panels we have created a natural toothing with an open joint between the panels where we have installed a infill strip in pine that creates a depth between each wooden panel.

A fantastic job done by our installers, which hopefully will be preserved for at least another 60 years!

Architect: TOL Arkitekter

Installation: Gustafs

Photo: Devis Bionaz