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Project Description

Malmö Live

Malmö Live Concert Hall Acoustics Is World Class!

Malmö Live was opened in May 2015 and is already one of Sweden’s premier live music venues. Malmö Live offers a wide range of music and cultural events with world class bookings as well as local artists. Outstanding concert hall acoustics and the latest technology makes Malmö Live a premier venue for everything.

The Malmö Live project is one of Gustafs most prestigious projects ever. We have produced all wooden wall and ceiling claddings in the concert hall. The wall and ceiling panels consist of bespoke acoustic panels – boxes called mondrian elements. Each box are produced to affect the reverberation time in the concert hall. The wooden panels are manufactured in oak veneer combined with brass panels.

The concert hall features variable world class acoustics with a 1.5 to 2.1 second delay and state of the art technology.

The architects schmidt/hammer/lassen and acousticians Akustikon are the people behind the design and acoustic layout. We are proude to have worked together in this project and delivered and mounted both ceiling, wall cladding and special solutions to this the magnificent concert hall.

Total area: 15,700 m2
Capacity: 1,600 seats (stalls and two balconies) + choir gallery
Stage area: 274 m2
Ceiling height: 20 mEntrances: 12
Wheelchair spaces: 16

Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Acousticians: Akustikon/Norconsult


Malmö Live Congress is a smaller concert/congress hall adjacent to the main concert hall. Malmö Congress Hall has been designed with Gustafs timber acoustic panels painted in different colors and shades, integrated with lighting in a spectacular way.

Malmö Congress Hall