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Project Description

Kazakh National Academy of Choreography

The Kazakh National Academy of Choreography is a huge complex built in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Academy is unique. It is the first institution of higher education in Central Asia with a full cycle of choreographic education. The entire complex consist of four blocks: educational, residential, ballet and theatrical, all connected via a system of galleries.

The key-element of the Academy complex is the Ballet Theatre. It alludes to the unique geometry and ornaments of Oriental architecture and are blended with classical colonnades. The auditorium is designed for 800 spectators with a mix of regular seatings and theatre boxes.

Gustafs produce bespoke wooden interior
Bespoke panels from Gustafs
Producing wooden interior for acoustic needs
Wooden cladding at Gustafs factory

Gustafs have produced and delivered the bespoke wooden interior to the Ballet Theatre, in cooperation with our Russian partner Eurostroysoyuz. The interior consists of plain panels and detailed wooden elements behind the balconies on the walls. The claddings and the wooden handrails on the balconies are also a Gustafs production.

All products are in maple veneer with pigmented lacquer.

Architects: Studio44

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