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Project Description

IBM Entrance – Kista+

Eye-Catching Office Entrance

Kista+ is the new home for IBM and its Swedish head office. The office entrance interior at IBM has been designed with Gustafs decorative panelling for walls at different locations in the new office.  The most eye-catching part is the wood slatted wall designed with Gustafs Rib in three different veneers and with different rib dimensions. The rib’s consists of birch veneer (22 mm), oak veneer (28 mm) and walnut veneer (34 mm).

Birch Veneered Panel System

In the entrance part of the office there is also a brand new café, Middlepoint meetings, with place for conference meetings and co-working spaces. The café has also been designed with Gustafs rib’s painted ash veneer in NCS 8500. Furthermore, the office interior has been cladded with Gustafs wood veneer panels in birch veneer.

Architect: Studio Stockholm

Client: Atrium Ljungberg

Photographer: Devis Bionaz