Dronning Eufemias Gate 82021-06-28T15:04:37+02:00

Project Description

Office Entrance – Lighting and Acoustics in the Spotlight

Dronning Eufemias gate 8 in central Oslo has undergone an extensive renovation with alterations and extensions that have been developed in recent years together with the other buildings in the capital’s Barcode district.

For the new entrance, we at Gustafs have contributed to both the acoustic and visual experience. The sloping ceiling consists of our acoustic panels, Gustafs Nano, which have been integrated with light rods to create the stunning illumination that welcomes visitors to the modern business complex.

Based on the designer’s thoughts, drawings and ideas, we have manufactured panel by panel, which has been adapted to the slope of the roof and the integration with the light rods. All the panels have been made with ash veneers that have been painted black.

Design & Installation: Void AS

Photo: Dmitry Tkachenko