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Project Description

Creative Lobby Design at AC by Marriott Stockholm

Sweden’s first AC By Marriott hotel has just opened in the northern parts of Stockholm. The lobby of the newly opened hotel is framed by a magnificent and creative installation of our wooden panels and Linear Ribs in various types of wood and patterns.

Triangular Panels in Different Types of Wood

The spectacular wall above the entrance to the elevators is a beautiful sight. The triangular wood panels have been made in walnut, oak and ash veneers which have been installed in a pattern based on the architect’s drawings.

The walnut veneer also reappears on the wall above the reception, where our Gustafs Linear Ribs have been installed together with the integrated led lighting Gustafs D-Line. Usually, the lighting is used as integrated lighting for ceilings, but here is an excellent example of an integrated lighting for wall installation. For this project, the lightings and profiles have been specially produced in three parts so that no joints in the lighting are visible.

Further into the lobby and the restaurant section you will find more of our timber panels where they frame and create contrast to a green wall.

Architect: Living Design

Installation: Gustafs

Photo: Devis Bionaz