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Project Description

Bank Millenium

New Standard For Bank Office Interior Design

Gustafs panels were delivered and installed in several buildings to set a new standard for bank office interior design in Poland. Gustafs wood panels are mounted on walls and ceiling in the public areas, main halls, lift hall and in the VIP-area. The panels are a mix of wood wall panels and wood ceiling panels in Gemini oak veneer and Gustafs laminate sheet panels with brushed steel surface.

In order to centralize all its units Bank Millennium decided to move to one place. Presently, its headquarters is situated at office complex named Millennium Park.

This project was realized in two stages. In the first stage was building A, which consists of three independent segments which are connected on the parking lot and grand floor levels.

In the second stage were built three separate buildings: B,C and D.

Architects: Grupa 5