Project Description

Atrium Wall Design With Artwork “Exploration of Another World”

An alternative world map is creating a beautiful atrium wall design, cladded with Gustafs wooden panels, at a business complex in Linköping, Sweden. The impressive artwork “Exploration of Another World” is designed by the artist Katarina Klingspor Ekelund. The atrium wall has been mounted with Gustafs Plain Panels in painted ash veneer and the white panels are painted in a solid colour directly on the panel, whitout veneer.

The artist has designed the artwork by attaching gold plated “territories” on the Gustafs panels, starting with the real world map at the top of the atrium wall which continues downward in an alternative world map.

The building, Bokbindaren, was finished in 2014 and is a five-storey business complex in central Linköping. The atrium is raising in the middle of the building which connects the various part of the building.

Architect: Strategisk Arkitektur

Artwork by: Katarina Klingspor Eklund

Photo: Sofia Andersson, M&F Foto