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Project Description

Ash Veneered Panels Are Cladding Office Interior

In January 2018 the insurance company Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten opened its new head office in Umeå, Sweden. Vast parts of the new office building have been cladded with Gustafs Panels and our Gustafs Linear Modules, combined with large lots of glass.

Wooden panels and solid timber modules in ash veneer

The wooden panels that has been mounted are in lacquered ash veneer. The modules in the ceilings are solid timber panels in ash, some parts of the modules in the ceiling has a white pigmentation whist other parts are in natural ash. The Gustafs Linear Module installed on the walls are in solid wood ash treated only in lacquered ash.

Gradient printed wooden panels

Meeting room with gradient printed ash veneer

Gustafs Print offers the opportunity to print motives on our wooden panels. You can print directly on a plain panel with, or without, wooden veneer. At Länsförsäkringar we have, in cooperation with the architects, produced a wooden wall panel with printed wooden veneer designed in a gradient pattern. The printed wooden panels are designed in a green and grey colour with different shades of each colour.

An Office built for the future

The new head office is a result of a fast-growing company. It is a flexible and durable office building which will be aging with dignity. Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten’s new head office has been classified according to BREEAM Excellent.

Architect: LINK Arkitektur

Photo: Hundven-Clements Photography