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Project Description

Acoustic Wood Panels In University Auditorium

A Historical Site

Mikhailovskaya Dacha is a historical site whose building complex is over 165 years old. In 2006 the entire location was donated to the University of St Petersburgh, which immediately began a renovation of the entire site.

The first part of the renovation was completed in 2015, after a extensive process. The newly renovated building complex was also visitede by president Vladimir Putin.

We at Gustafs had the opportunity to produce and deliver acoustic wood panels and wooden interiors to various locations at the new campus.

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Conference Hall

The main auditorium, located below the ground, underwent a total renovation. Gustafs have produced all wall and ceiling claddings installed in the auditorium. On the walls our acoustic wood panels and our wooden wall panels in maple veneer have been installed. Also in the ceiling integrated with led-lighting.

Class Rooms

To one of the class rooms our Gustafs Linear Plank has been installed in a wavy installation reaching along the wall to the ceiling.

Public spaces

The students’ public spaces have also been mounted with our Planks in the ceiling which runs along the corridors in the campus halls. All planks have been manufactured in maple veneer.

The entire project is a cooperation with our russian partner Eurostroysoyuz.


Architect: Studio 44

Installation: Eurostroysoyuz

Photo: Eurostroysoyuz