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Project Description

Acoustic Panels In a Modern Office Complex In Oslo

A Mix of Acoustic Perforations

Gustafs acoustic wood panels have really left a mark on the interior of the Skøyen Atrium III. Walls and ceilings consist of produced and installed Gustafs panels with differents types of perforatations which creates a pleasant acoustics and to contribute to a beautiful contrast along the walls.

The fantastic atrium extending over several floors has been cladded with three different types of acoustic wood panels: Gustafs Nano, Acoustic panel PD8 and Acoustic panel PH8, mounted in a strategical formation to optimize soundabsorption. Despite the differences in design, Gustafs Nano and Acoustic Panel PD8 achieve the same absorption class – Class B.

A Modern Business Complex

The ceilings in the office complex are installed with our Gustafs Nano panel, in white pigmented ash veneer. The ceilings have also been installed with different bespoke solutions for ventilations, integrated lighting and for technical components. At some places a suspended ceiling is used to give place for the ventilation system.

Skøyen Atrium III is the last of three buildings forming Oslo’s most modern office complex. In addition to the offices in the building, it also consists of meeting rooms, conference rooms and shops.

The entire building revolves around the large atrium that extends several floors up. The atrium contributes to a fantastic light input that is reflected in the light wood interior from Gustafs.

Architect: Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter

Installation: Acusto

Photo: Dmitry Tkachenko