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Project Description

Academy of Music

Music Studio Acoustic Panels in Mahogany Veneer

Gustafs have produced bespoke music studio acoustic panels to the rehearsal room at The Academy of Music in Gdansk. The beautiful lacquered wooden panels are in Gemini Mahogany veneer.

The Academy of Music in Gdansk is over half a century old. In northern Poland it was the only Musical Academy for a long time, covering a catchment area of 1/5th of the country which today amount to more than 5 million citizens. The Academy’s alumni today amounts to more than 3000 graduates. Amongst them, there are winners of prestigious competitions and prominent artists. The graduates of the Academy are highly valued in symphonic orchestras in Poland and abroad.

The Academy, founded in 1947 as the Higher State Music School in Sopot, at the beginning operated in very modest conditions. In 1967 it was moved to a slightly bigger building. In the late 20th century the Academy obtained the abandoned 19th century military barracks. The buildings were reconstructed and modernized and became the new residence. For the first time large enough and suited for the scale of activities at the Academy. In 1998 the Instrumental Faculty along with the administration moved to the first of the two renovated buildings. In 1999 the wing of the second (much larger) building, a new, modern and fully equipped Academic House was put to the disposal of the students. In 2001 the whole Academy moved to the new buildings. The reconstruction and the utilization of entire renovated complex – together with the new Concert Hall was finally completed. The conditions in which the students can study, are already one of the best in the country.

Architect: Narcyz Sienkiewicz

Photo: Pawel Klein