New Stripe-XL With Dark Core Achieves Unique Fire Classification A2-s1,d0

Timber slat panel with fire classification A2-s1,d0 from Gustafs

In our aim to lead the development of fire classified wooden claddings for public spaces we now launch a brand new linear timber cladding panel that achieves the market’s absolute highest possible fire classification A2-s1,d0, a safety level that has been impossible for Linear Systems until now. On top of that the Stripe-XL have a new and good looking appearance!

The Inherent Fire Retardancy – No Chemicals

What differentiates Gustafs fire classified products from other wooden cladding products is the 100% real fire safety. We do not add any impregnations, FR-lacquers, salts or other chemicals to improve the fire retardancy – the fire safety qualities are a result of the basic material composition and always remains the same in our products, over it’s full life time and regardless posttreatments on site like cutting and sawing.

Dark Core

The Dark Core of the Stripe-XL accentuates the spacings and creates a modern look. The panels are extremely form stable and will not warp, bulge or shrink. These qualities result in a perfect and long lasting installation.


Gustafs Stripe-XL are available with the veneer of your choice. 

Interested in our Stripe-XL Panel?

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