Linear LED lighting for ceilings – Gustafs D-Line

Undertak med infälld belysning
Undertak med infälld linjär belysning

Recessed LED Lighting for ceilings

Gustafs in cooperation with LED fixture manufacturer, Luxlight, have developed a new light fixture customized for our timber cladding panels, Gustafs Linear Rib. The new integrated LED fixture is called Gustafs D-Line. Except that we manufacture exclusive wooden claddings for walls and ceilings with the highest quality we also emphasize the importance of a reliable, quick and cost saving installation, that is exactly what Gustafs D-Line gives you!

Gustafs D-Line is an integrated linear lighting designed to be fully compatible with our Capax installation system for Gustafs Linear Rib. This means that the installation of Gustafs D-Line linear LED lighting is as reliable and quick to mount as a timber panel. It also gives you a beautiful design.

Gustafs D-Line uses a modern microprismatic optics in combination with high quality LED light sources.

Finding the right LED Fixture takes time

Mounting an integrated lighting for timber panels has been possible for a long time, but the issues that arise are more than the possibilities. First you had to find a light fixture which matched the rib dimensions, but they were often too long or too wide. When you finally found the right fixture dimensions, you had to find a separate ceiling grid for the LED fixture.

This process took a lot of time for the fitters, which meant that the assembly costs increased. With the new integrated LED lighting, Gustafs D-Line, you won´t have these issues.

LED Fixture lighting for ceiling
Close up photo of Gustafs D-Line
LED Lighting fixture for Gustafs D-Line
Rib Clip for LED Linear fixture
Rib Clip for LED Linear fixture
Rib Clip for LED Linear fixture

Brilliant idea illuminates the ceiling

The idea to integrate the LED Light Fixture with Gustafs ceiling system came from WSP Ljusdesign since Luxlight already had a small linear LED fixture (D-Line) for ceiling lighting, which almost had the same dimensions as our Gustafs Rib’s. We and Luxhlight started to work on a solution based on both of our products so that the fixture could fit into our wall and ceiling grid. The result of the very first installation can be found at Krokslätts fabriker, designed by Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor.

Linear lighting for public spaces

The most common use of integrated LED Light might be ceilings. But the installation for our timber wall panels are similar to our ceiling installation. This makes it possible to use Gustafs D-Line as recessed LED lighting for walls as well. With a creative design you can create beautiful timber walls with linear LED lighting for office lighting, hotel lighting or a corridor lighting on the walls.