Gustafs print selected by Mc Donalds

Printed panels from Gustafs

Gustafs print selected by Mc Donalds

Now you can design every panel in a completely unique way. Design panel by panel or spread your graphics over several panels with a seamless transference. So When Mc Donalds planned a roll out of it’s new design concept in Denmark, they preferred to work with our Danish distributor Barsmark A/S and Gustafs BF-Print panels.

Gustafs BF-Print was able to offer all the crucial requirements. First of all an easy and time saving installation, as the panels are supplied “ready to use”, in combination with a perfect pattern registration when the printed graphics cover more than one panel. BF-Print panels also provide the highest possible fire rating and a robust surface needed in high traffic restaurants.  Last but not least, dimensions and graphics are fully bespoke as the direct printing method allows you to create every single panel in a unique way. The final result is simply beautiful.

Mc Donalds in Denmark has chosen to work with Gustafs to develop and deliver fire rated printed panels to six of their new restaurants so far.

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