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Gustafs High Impact Panels are extremely sturdy and resistant to impact, all due to the use of a high density fibre reinforced gypsum core. Our triple UV lacquering system guarantees a high scratch resistance and allows cleaning with alcohol based hygiene products, excellent for use in Health Care rooms.

Extra High Impact Panel

For the walls in sports halls Gustafs has developed a slightly modified Extra High Impact Panel (EHIP), still with an outstanding A2-s1,d0 fire classification! There are no restrictions regarding the surface material or surface finish, so freedom in design. The EHIP panels are also an appropriate solution for other environments with extra high traffic, like for example schools, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls.

Extended Warranty and Free Replacement

The EHIP panels come with an extended warranty and free replacement program in case of damage caused by non-intended violence. The extended warranty and replacement program is valid according to the following conditions:

  1. The panels must have been installed according to Gustafs installation instructions for EHIP panels.
  2. Plain, non-perforated panels must have been used on the lowest 2 meters of the wall.
  3. Gustafs PH8 is the maximum acoustic perforation on a wall, only used 2 meters and higher from the floor.

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