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Bespoke Acoustic Perforation

Bespoke Acoustic Perforations let you create your own perforation pattern for your decorative wall or ceiling cladding. We manufacture and supply many different kinds of bespoke interiors for our customers and strive to make your design vision reality.


Stars, 2% open area

Square, 18% open area

Square 2.0, 6% open area

Wave, 13% open area

Wave 2.0, 11% open area

Wave 3.0, 13% open area

Wave 4.0, 12% open area

Morse, 15% open area

Morse 2.0, 14% open area

Symmetry, 27% open area

Tornados, 21% open area

Cross, 8% open area

Autumn, 8% open area

Station, 4% open area

Storm, 8% open area

Create Unique Patterns

Besides creating your own perforation pattern we offer several bespoke solutions to make your project unique. Contact us for more information or with your ideas.

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