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The need for acoustic and real fire safe interior solutions constantly increases all across the globe and we are currently looking for new partners. We will make your business grow. As a partner of Gustafs you will have access to a world of leading solutions, from Gustafs Nano Acoustics to Non-Combustible claddings with a real wooden surface. You will have access to powerful resources, in manufacturing, installation, marketing, sales training, research and development.

We know from more than 100 years of experience what it takes to be successful. We are looking for partners, who are local market leaders or challengers, with an existing salesforce and network in regions where Gustafs currently is not represented. Does this seem interesting for you and your business? Don’t hesitate to fill in the application, we will contact you soon.

  • Please describe how many years your company has been in the business, how much of your business is architect prescribed, how your business is related to room acoustics, how many employees are in your organization and what country/region you sell to.
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