Customized solutions – Subcoustic

Bass absorbers can be useful in small meeting rooms or similar localities to control the distribution of low frequencies. Concentrations of sound waves occur often in the corners of rooms causing disturbing echo and sound reverberation. This can be relieved effectively by the installation of bass sound absorbers in the corner areas. 

Gustafs Subcoustic panels represent the elegant combi­nation of good design and technical finesse by offering absorption and disturbing of sounds with low bass frequencies.

The featured absorption mechanism is absolutely ­invisible and can be fine-tuned to the needs of specific rooms by altering thickness of panel material, mineral wool or air space behind the panels its relation to the supporting wall.

Bass absorbers can be utilized in locations such as ­conference rooms or studios where there is a need to control low-frequency sounds either from voices or music. Together with the other acoustic solutions available from Gustafs, Subcoustic panels provide architects with tools needed to create rooms with optimal sound qualities. The size of the panels and the distance of the panel vary depending on which frequency to be regulated. They should therefore be chosen in consultation with an acoustician.



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• Optimal acoustic solutions
• Best possible fire rating, A2
• Real sustainability
• Beautiful natural wood surfaces
• Freedom in design
• Long experience - Safe buy