Acoustics – Reflectors

Sound reflected from the hard surfaces of a room is a decisive factor in the room’s total acoustic profile. Reflective surfaces can be both positive and negative in their acoustic role. For amplification of sound, stable and non-vibrating reflective surface are essential in a room to help carry the sound waves to the audience. To achieve a balanced acoustic profile in a room however other acoustic devises must be introduced.


Wisby Kongress

Gotland has been an important meeting place since the Middle Ages. The unique geographic location close to the Baltic Sea, the medieval town of Visby gives the facilities an added dimension. Wisby Strand was designed by Lund & Valentin. Gustafs installed 150 square meters of acoustic elements at site as acoustic reflectors. Visit project >>

Gustafs products can help in the process to create an aesthetically satisfying and acoustically adjusted environment. Sound absorption, for example, is attained by using perforated or slotted panels in combination with mineral wool and air space.