Jaroslaw Music School

There are several reasons for the number of projects in Poland. Since its membership in the European Union back in 2004 many projects are part financed that way as well as a high number of foreign direct investments, both in public and private buildings.
A recently opened project well worth mentioning is the Music School in Jaroslaw. The building itself is old and the fundraising had been going on for years trying to finance a refurbishment of the auditorium which was in disrepair.
Funds were eventually in place, and in 2011 the doors opened to the renovated school. The result was more than successful, both from an aesthetic as well as an acoustic viewpoint. With walls and ceilings decked in Gustafs Panel System the building is a perfect example of where form, beauty and function meet. Performers and audience alike are very happy with the result.

Veneer used in Jaroslaw Music School in Poland is:

Gemini, oak, plain and perforated (SH8)

Painted, RAL 7040

Architect: Agnieszka Wazny